The Pizza Don

The Pizza Don's Standards

Quality is key at Corleone’s. Only the best ingredients make it into the Pizza Don’s pies. Let’s start with the tomatoes. In the US, we have food safety standards. In Europe, they have food QUALITY standards. The Pizza Don uses imported, Italian San Marzano tomatoes. The European Union has certified the area where most of them are grown to be a geographically protected zone, specifically exceptional for growing San Marzano tomatoes. Oh yeah, and they’re Certified Organic, natural, and free of GMOs and preservatives. Remember those European standards? The flour meets those, too. Molino Caputo prides itself on tradition and innovation. Their already incredible quality is constantly improved by working with pizzaiuoli like the Pizza Don. The Italian company is also family owned by Molino’s great grandchildren. The cheese speaks for itself. But why? Grande’s milk supply comes exclusively from 5-Star Certified farms, vetted by the Milk & Dairy Beef Quality Assurance Program. The Grade A milk is then handled by cheese artisans who handcraft this superior quality cheese. It is hailed as “the best cheese money can buy.